Endoscopic removal of pituitary tumour

1024 630 Joachim Oertel

Endoscopic removal of pituitary tumour Diagnosis: Pituitary tumour 37-year-old female Bitemporal hemianopsia MR scan: pituitary tumour with suprasellar extension compressing the optic chiasm EQUIPMENT USED StorzGaab pituitary endoscope SURGICAL TIPS…

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Endoscopic Excision of Craniopharyngioma

560 560 Henry Schroeder

Endoscopic Excision of Craniopharyngioma Diagnosis: Craniopharyngioma 53-year-old male Progressive visual loss for 6 weeks Bitemporal hemianopsia, reduced visual acuity of RT eye MR scan: suprasellartumour displacing the optic chiasm upwards,…

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